Plan Reviews

Fire Safety Plans

Fire safety plans are required for a variety of buildings and circumstances.

The Alberta Fire Code requires buildings or parts of buildings undergoing construction or demolition to have a fire safety plan. This includes single family residential developments. Before work can be started, the fire safety plan must be submitted for acceptance in writing.

The owner, developer, or contractor is responsible for the fire safety plan until full occupancy.

Special Event Plans. Depending on what type of event is organized, a variety of permits may be required before the event can be authorized by the local authority.

Code Interpretation

Municipal Affairs (Safety Services branch) and the Safety Codes Council develop Alberta Fire Code STANDATA jointly. Some are issued as province-wide variances or interpretations. Others are information bulletins that provide general advice on related matters. New STANDATAS are added on a regular basis.

SCO-Fire will assist our clients in the interpretation of codes and standards including the NFPA Codes, STANDATA’s and advisories.

Fire & Explosion Hazard Analysis and Pre-Emergency Planning

SCO-Fire can provide assistance in evaluating the appropriateness and execution of a fire risk assessment (FRA) for a given fire safety problem. This assistance primarily addresses regulatory officials, it also is intended for others who review FRAs, such as insurance company representatives and building owners.