Fire Prevention Inspections

The purpose of a fire safety inspection is to produce a fire safe work environment.  This can only be assured by conducting regularly scheduled fire and safety inspections that are followed up by corrective action.

SCO-Fire will supply fully qualified Safety Codes Officers in the fire discipline to conduct inspections at any facilities referencing all applicable code requirements.

Inspection of Flammable & Combustible Liquid Tanks and Stations (Group E in effect September 2019)

Inspections are limited to petroleum storage tanks and petroleum storage tank systems within Part 4 of the Alberta Fire Code. These include inspection of new and existing above ground tanks, piping and dispensing installations and removals, inspection of new and existing underground storage tanks, piping and dispensing installations and removals.

Only a designated Group E SCO can investigate unsafe conditions related to petroleum storage tanks and issue permits and variances for petroleum storage tanks.

Code Interpretation

Municipal Affairs (Safety Services branch) and the Safety Codes Council develop Alberta Fire Code STANDATA jointly. Some are issued as province-wide variances or interpretations. Others are information bulletins that provide general advice on related matters. New STANDATAS are added on a regular basis.

SCO-Fire will assist our clients in the interpretation of codes and standards including the NFPA Codes, STANDATA’s and advisories.