Fire Service Audits

Fire Service Audit – An audit process to help ensure Fire Departments and Firefighters meet or exceed industry standards and best practices, including but not limited to health/safety, equipment maintenance, training, operational procedures and administrative processes.  With a focus on continued improvement, our team will assess what is working well and provide recommendations for areas requiring further development.

  • Governance and Authority – A general review of current bylaws established by the governing body for area fire services, confirming clearly defined service boundaries and contracted fire protection areas.  Assessment of written agreements, including but not limited to mutual and automatic aid agreements, forestry agreements and first response agreements.
  • Administration – Inspection of administrative records; including equipment inspection and maintenance records, driving and vehicle information, personnel training, and public relations and education programs/activities.
  • Administration (Staffing) –  A review of departmental structure, focused on hiring practices and other general human resource policies.
  • Scope of Operations – Thorough evaluation of operational guidelines or policies, including routine and special case scenarios.
  • Training and Competency – Assessment of established standards and qualifications for each position, as well as training program review (including new recruits and interagency training programs).
  • Health and Safety – A review of Occupational Health and Safety program, gauging completeness and effectiveness for worker well-being and public safety.